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Non Disclosure Agreement Template

Non-disclosure agreement is used when parties involve force each other to not disclose any information related to the agreement to the public.

There may be a lot of reasons for that and there are many sensitive matters which can damage the reputation of particular company. So a good NDA will force the parties to keep their mouth shut about the sensitive matters. What can be disclosed and what not can be detailed in the agreement and it should be crystal clear in it. We have provided here free of cost a non-disclosure agreement template for this purpose and we hope that it will be very much helpful for you.

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Contract Agreement Template

If you are going to sign any contract then be aware that small haste in your desire to read full agreement can cause you sever damage in future.

You should read each and every line of your agreement so that you can avoid future problems and conflicts. And if you are planning to make a contract agreement for your company or service then this contract agreement template available for free here will be of much value for you. This is good for the purpose of reference and guidance. We hope you will like it.

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Lease Agreement Template

Lease is necessary for you when you are not in capacity to purchase something at once because of sponsorship issues.

At that time its best to get things on lease and paying money in parts. The company or person who will provide your items will charge slightly more rate as compared to normal prices thinking it as its interest as they gonna recover the cost after a long time. So you can understand that how much important is for you to make a lease agreement before you go for leasing anything. This lease agreement will save you from a lot of troubles in the future and will save you from big problems. We hope that you will like this lease agreement template here and it will be useful for you.

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Partnership Agreement Template

They say you need two hands to make a clap  and its true. We normally have problems when more than one person is involved in decision making process and at that keeping everyone happy becomes extremely difficult at that time.

But you can save it from other troubles if you have managed a good partnership agreement between or among parties. When every thing is written in black and white already then there is no reason that an issue will create in future. This partnership agreement template will be of much help for you if you are in the process of making or arranging such agreement. You can get help from it.

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Tenancy Agreement Template

Tenets need to know their rights and obligations. Landlord can’t just rule out every justified demand they might have asked for.

So there must be some agreement between the parties to safeguard each other rights and duties. For this reason that we have added a tenancy agreement template here which will act as a material of reference and guidance for you. You can get to know about how such type of tenancy agreement are made and how you can improve them further. What to include or what not to include is all mentioned in it and you will get a real life example by seeing it. We hope that you will like this tenancy agreement template.

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Rental Agreement Template

IF you are in need of a good rental agreement and wondering how you can make a professional level agreement then don’t worry you have reached up to the right place.

This rental agreement template we have added here will give you information about all the data and fields you require in it. It’s very important that you don’t miss a single element in it because a small mistake can cause you severe damage in the future and you will have no time to recover it then. So take your time and think about each possibility or situation that may arise in future and try to include this in your agreement.

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Service Agreement Template

If you are providing service to any company or individual then make sure that you have a good service agreement signed by them .

This agreement will decide what to do in case if you people get some problems across the way. A good written and complete service agreement will save you from a lot of troubles and problems in future. This is why we are adding here a service agreement template which we think might be useful for you as you will get a little know-how about this type of agreement. Download this agreement and then read it carefully and then see what is suitable for you and what is not. Take your time and then finalize it properly.

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Purchase Agreement Template

When your purchase something from the market then probably you don’t what are your rights about this product or item.

Can you replace it or return it will full money back? or can you raise your voice or send a written complaint to their authorities if you don’t like this . Well all thing is normally covered in purchase agreement and big companies do care to make a full time applicable purchase agreement when they start buying certain product from them. To help you with that you need to see this free purchase agreement template available here as it will save your time of research about it on the internet. Download and see what is missing in it and what is not appropriate for your requirement.

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Separation Agreement Template

You are done with your old partner or planning to end joint venture setup then you need to separate from them. This is also something which no body wants but are forced to do at times.

Sometime you feel like you can’t get it away with it anymore and you think that separately you can better perform in current situation. Now you will be saved from a lot of conflicts and problems if you have a good separation agreement among the parties or persons. You can separate by following the guidelines mentioned on the separation agreement you have both signed. If you haven’t prepared a separation agreement yet then do it at your first priority and for this you can get help from this service agreement template available free here.

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Employment Agreement Template

To cover your employment issues and problems you need to have a good employment agreement.

This agreement will decide in case if you found any problem in your way to employment career. A free employment agreement template is added here so that you can get help in this regard. This sample employment agreement tells you about each and every important point need to include in this. Download this template and see what is important for you and discard what is not important for you.

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